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Luke is a high-performance specialist consultant with ten years’ experience delivering quality, bespoke nutrition programs and strength and conditioning services working with international and amateur sports men and women across Hong Kong and Asia.



  • MSC Performance Coaching,

       Setanta College 


  • BA Rugby Studies and Sports Management,

       Bucks New University, UK


  • International Diploma in Sports Nutrition,

       Institute of Performance Nutrition UK 


  • World Rugby Coach Educator,

       World Rugby 




Daryush Irani, Professional Football Player

I did my ACL revision in October 2020. I needed help with my knee post ACL revision. I was recommended to work with Luke for my sports and conditioning as I am a professional football player. Right from the first meeting, I found Luke to be very understanding to my personal needs with regards to my football fitness so that I am able to go back to playing at an elite level. He created an individualised program to suit my needs. He also helped me set up a gym program so that he could keep track of the work I was doing. Furthermore he set individual goals, kept track of them and I particularly liked that Luke even advised me on nutrition. He is very calm while working with me and I feel very comfortable and motivated during our sessions. I am extremely satisfied with the results I have achieved working with him. I would recommend Luke to anyone who is looking to work on their personal goals with regards to sports conditioning and strengthening and also post surgery or injury.

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Lexi Moran, Copywriter and Editor

Six weeks out from my wedding day, I panicked. After a few too many celebrations in the run up, the dress was tight and I lacked serious confidence in how I felt about being a bride. Knowing my timeframe was tight, I reached out to Luke to see if it would be at all realistic to kickstart one of his Lifestyle and Weight-Loss packages so close to the big day. Confident that we would start achieving results, I was locked in and started to “shred for the wed”. Six weeks later, I was five kilos lighter and the dress fit like a dream. The temptation to crash diet was real, but I couldn’t be more glad that I fought the urge to drastically drop calories and instead work with a professional to lose weight in a healthy, sustainable way. Eating a solid amount of calories and carbs, combined with a regular exercise routine, the weight started melting off and I never once felt hungry, deprived or burnt out. I was kept accountable every single step of the way, and actually, for once, understood exactly why Luke’s programme was designed the way it was. The science holds up! Bespoke to my own body composition goals and lifestyle factors, there were no short cuts, just a happy bride-to-be. Six weeks was just a glimpse into a healthier future, and I’m excited to continue working with Luke and keep on smashing those weight-loss goals – carbs included!

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