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Peak Performance

A three-month commitment, designed for aspiring competitive athletes

Service Description

The Peak Performance Package is a three-month commitment designed for the aspiring competitive athlete looking for advantage in their sporting field. Every avenue of performance is assessed and individually tailored to express themselves at their highest level in training and competition. Services Include: • Initial consultation • Two Dexa Scans – The gold standard in body composition testing • Monthly bespoke nutrition programs • Optional remotely programmed and monitored sport specific strength and conditioning program, designed to increase sporting performance and reduce risk of injury. • Competition day planning • Individualized recovery protocols • Advanced Supplementation planning • Unlimited email and WhatsApp support performance Performance Outcomes: • Fundamental understanding of nutritional impact on performance • Advanced body composition analysis, identifying baseline and transformation after three months. • Improved targeted performance parameters • Increased resilience to injury • Confidence and reduced stress on competition day.

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