Nutrition Coaching Services

Every circumstance and athlete are unique, requiring a bespoke approach to fit the demands of every individual. Each program is tailored to produce results in your chosen sport, body composition goal or lifestyle objective. Our evidence-based sports nutrition coaching will provide a practical and realistic strategy to improve your competitive edge and achieve long term results.

  • An engaging conversation providing education and guidance on nutrition

    30 min
    300 Hong Kong dollars
  • For individuals looking to kickstart their weight-loss journey

    2,600 Hong Kong dollars
  • For individuals looking to transform their body composition and habits

    6,000 Hong Kong dollars
  • In-depth, tailored nutritional support and programming

    6,000 Hong Kong dollars
  • A one-month package for athletes looking to increase their performance

    6,000 Hong Kong dollars
  • A three-month commitment, designed for aspiring competitive athletes

    20,000 Hong Kong dollars
  • Providing bespoke educational presentations and workshops